2016 Cherokee Speedway Rules


Track Rules


1. Driver and crewmembers will conduct themselves in a calm and sportsmanlike manner at all times.

2. Interpretation of rules and decisions of speedway officials will be final.

3. Ignorance of rules will not be accepted as an excuse for their violation.

4. The management reserves the right to refuse entry to any car or person without question.

5. The driver alone will be the sole spokesman for their car owner in any and all matters pertaining to the race and must talk with the official in charge.

6. Open drinking of intoxicants in the pit area by drivers will not be tolerated. Offenders will be subject to immediate ejection.

7. The following activities will result in fines, loss of winnings and points, and be subject to suspension and arrest. Loud and abusive language toward track officials, Starting or engaging in a fight, Deliberate contact during caution laps or after the race has completed., Disorderly conduct will not be allowed at the pay-off window Subjecting any employee or official to improper or abusive language or profane signs. Any person found with any weapon on him or his vehicle is also subject to arrest. Penalty will be at the official's discretion.

8. Any fines, suspensions, and/or protests must be settled with speedway management before a driver, car owner or crew member will be allowed to enter restricted area at another event.

9. Any cars entering race track other than at practice times allowed by flagman will be subject to action at discretion of flagman.

10. Any driver, car owner or crewmember going to the top of flag stand or tower without permission, to argue will be fined (minimum $150) at official's discretion.

11. Three features wins in a row in any division the driver or car must start his next race from the rear, excluding Crate Late Model. Special events are the exception, and the following weekly event will have the car starting from the rear. (Young Guns & Extreme 4 will start in the rear after one win, exception being WC4CN; Extreme 4 will also be exempt on Big Race events). Excluding Crate Late Model.

12. Car number must appear on roof and both sides to be scored.

13. Any situation not specifically covered by this rulebook will be acted upon by flagman; pit steward or management and decisions shall be final.

14. All cars must have chain in front and rear for hook up!

15. Six inch self-supporting spoiler allowed in all classes.

16. Fire Retardant driver uniform, window net, helmet, five-point harness and fire extinguisher required. If caught at anytime without one of these items, you will not run that date and you will forfeit all points and money.

17. Track fuel only! Fuel must pass track test and track decision will be final.

18. Drivers may compete in two divisions per night but no more than 2, exception being Thunder Bomber and Young Guns. Change of drivers after heats will start in rear of main or will be disqualified. No exceptions!

19. A car is only allowed to compete in one division per night.

20. Any and all items not covered in these rules are non-protest items.

21. All prize money must be picked up at payoff window following day or night's racing activity. Failure to pick up money on night of race will result in forfeit of winnings. No exceptions.

22. Stock means that you cannot modify this part. (If the rules don't say you can- then you can't.)

23. The rules are configured to support different racetracks and what may be good at one track may not be good at another. As deemed necessary, the rules may be altered and/or changed to suit the track and/or the officials. Rules are based off of US production models and availability.

24. The track reserves the right to promote any driver up at any time without prior notice.

25. All 4 Cyl. classes may run heat shield no longer than cylinder head and may not extend past shock tower.

26. No electric or mechanical vacuum pumps allowed in any class

27. All bore & stroke measurements will have plus or minus .010” tolerance. CC’s and CI’s will be figured from actual measurements.

28. Exhaust EVAC system OK in all classes.

29. Bead locks OK all divisions. Outward facing only.

30. Mirrors and radios OK in all classes.

31. All weights or cc’s must be posted on hood. All weight penalties & weight breaks must be claimed on hood. If not posted and car is protested, this could result in a DQ.

32. SFI head restraints are highly recommended and may be required in the future. Approved head restraints are the Simpson Hybrid Pro*, Hybrid Pro Rage*, R3* and Hanns* Device. Any other system must have tech approval. A weight break of 25 lbs. will be given in all classes for each driver wearing a head restraint for the duration of the entire event. A foam neck brace does not qualify as a head restraint. It is the responsibility of the driver, not Cherokee Speedway to ensure that his/her device is approved, correctly installed, maintained and properly used.

Pre-Race Process

1. Attendance by drivers at drivers' meetings is mandatory.

2. Visual protests (requiring no measurements whatsoever) must be presented to Pit Steward in writing before feature line-up commences. No visual protests taken after track announcer has made call for cars to come to staging area.

3. All drivers must be ready to compete in the event for which they are scheduled. If you are not staged in line up when cars are called to the speedway, you will start tail of field.

4. All Drivers must have a working Raceceiver when on track!

Race Process

1. After the race starts the Race Director/Flagman is in full control and his/her decisions will be final.

2. The Race Director/Flagman has final word on any on-track activities.

3. Any driver stopping before the completion of the first lap to bring out the caution will be put to the rear or penalized a lap at the discretion of flagman.

4. Any car (s) that is involved in any accident that brings out red or yellow flag will be lined up in the rear of the field. (This does not include cars that stop to keep from hitting the other cars.)

5. STARTS - All initial starts are double file, beginning off of turn four (4). Inside driver sets the pace. It is the outside driver's responsibility to stay beside him. Jumping starts will put you back one row. After 2 double file attempts (jumps do not count), line up will go single file, Crate Late Model excluded.

6. RE-STARTS - Leader may re-start anytime after lights go out down backstretch to Turn 4. Drivers jumping starts will be put in the rear.

7. Any cars not on the track when "okay" sign comes out will start at rear. .

8. MULTI-CAR WRECK ON FIRST LAP: All cars get their spot back. Single car spin will go to rear. Any cars going to pit will go to rear.

9. No work can be done on racecar on the track. No tools allowed on track. No crew is allowed on the track, ever! Track officials DO NOT pull sheet metal or perform work on cars!!

10. Any driver stopping on track and exiting car to argue with officials for any reason will be penalized at track official's discretion.

11. In the event that two or more cars cross the finish line at the same time, the car next to the infield can be declared the winner.

12. No car can receive any assistance from another car during the last lap of the race.

13. Any car stopping on the track deliberately will be penalized one lap for the infraction.

14. Rough driving will be dealt with through fines and/or suspensions.

15. No crewmembers on track without track official’s permission.

16. Race back to the checkered flag only. (Green and yellow lights on means race back.) If the track is blocked or driver’s life in danger, we will go back for green, white, and checkered.

17. Lap traffic must stay to inside of speedway. (Any cars trying to hold up leaders will be black-flagged.)

18. Any car charged with three (3) unassisted cautions will be black-flagged.

19. Bringing out the caution to stop from going a lap down will be scored one (1) lap down.

20. Track official decisions are final.

Post Race Process

1. Top three cars must cross scales in order of finish for inspection after heats and features. All cars must have weight and any weight penalties posted on hood be for crossing the scales Scale tolerance 5 lbs. all classes.

2. Only driver or owner may protest. Protesting driver must compete in race in question to file protest. All protests must be received by Tech Man and have his approval. Spite protests and protests done in an un-sportsmanlike manner will not be considered. If protested, driver may back pull protesting car only. Only cars in front of drivers finish position in order may be protested. Official’s decision is final.

3. All other protests must be presented to Tech Man, in writing, within five minutes of the winner of the feature race crossing the scales. Protest must be accompanied by protest fee. Back protests must be made within five minutes of notification that car been protested.

4. Driver of cars found illegal will forfeit points and money earned for entire race night.

5. The Tech Man has final word on any rule or protest.

6. coring protests must be made after the completion of all night's racing. Scoring protests will only be done in an orderly manner. NO ARGUING! Any disorderly conduct will result in disqualification and/or suspension.

7. Scale area is off limits to pit crews during official weighing. Please exit scale area after car has been pushed onto scales. No car will be weighed until area has been cleared.

Protest Rules

1. After protest has been filed and money has been put up, it will not be returned for any reason. Protest cannot be taken down once it is filed; this is to avoid swapping money, which is unfair to rest of field.

2. For protest money to go to car that has been protested, he must tear down and be checked and found legal.

3. Protests or questions will be made by driver only.

4. To protest any car in the field, you must finish directly behind them or protest all cars between. Must be on lead lap at checkered flag. Protested car may back pull protesting car only on equal or less items.

5. All protests must be submitted to the Tech man within five (5) minutes after the first car has crossed the scales.

6. Driver filing protest is all that will be allowed in protest area other than security and track officials.

7. All visual protests must be made in the same manner, as other protests except they have to be made before any Main Events start. Cost is $25. Bodies are not protest item and will be governed by track.

8. Cost of protest in all divisions: two (2) items $300 top only. One protest per car per night- this is to stop any spite protest. (But may pull fuel also) Acceptance fee is $100 for protest. The protested car to accept the protest will put up this fee. If found to be legal, acceptance fee will be returned along with protest money MINUS tech fee ($100). This money goes to the track. If illegal, acceptance fee goes to track. Money and points will be forfeited.

9. Protested cars have (5) minutes to accept or refuse protest. After acceptance, protested car has 5 mins. to back pull protesting car. If he or she accepts the protest, parts must be ready for inspection within one (1) hour. (Tech man discretion)

POINTS SYSTEM for all divisions will be as follows:

1. Winner receives 100 points per race. (Points will be awarded to driver only)

2. Each person through the field drops 2 points, for each position (100, 98, 96, etc.)

3. Any car protested and found illegal will forfeit all points for the night.

4. If a tie for a position were to happen, the tie would be broken in the following way. (A) Most wins, (B) Most top 5 finishes, (C) Most top 10 finishes

5. If a tie still exists, the money for the position and the following position will be divided equally.

6. Points start with the first race in April and end the first week in October.

7. Double point races will be announced in advance.



Crate Late Model

We will follow SECA rules

Refer to SECA 2016 rules at http://www.secaracing.com/rules.html

Tire rule: 1350 HTS spec 1600 HTS spec we will allow the crate 21 & 55 to run. No Steer Tires: No grooving or sipping. 1600 or 55 mandatory on right rear.

Crate Sportsman

Stock unless otherwise stated.

We will follow SECA rules

Refer to SECA 2016 rules at http://www.secaracing.com/rules.html



Limited Sportsman / Super Stock Eight


*Super Street Cars allowed. Must run Cherokee Tire Rule.*

Stock unless otherwise stated.

1. Body: Please see drawings at end of rule book: The objective of body rules are to keep the cars looking similar to each other and as close to stock while keeping them Race Cars. Any full size American car or truck, 102" wheelbase minimum. Top & Quarters must be stock looking. Deck height not to exceed 1" higher than stock. Doors & fenders may be aluminum. Must have steel floor pan under driver. Must run complete, enclosed cockpit. Front firewall location may be moved for engine clearance. Firewall may be replaced-aluminum or steel material only. Rear of car must be closed, no holes or flaps. Must run rear rubber bumper cover. Can cut for tire clearance & can remove inside wheel wells. Push bars must be behind grill. Any Nose OK. No flare fenders. AR Dirt Bodies approved. Solid mounts OK. Cars must remain stock appearing. All nose & tail pieces cannot be altered from stock. May have max. 6" rear spoiler ( 8" for 602- spec. side fins.) May run side spoilers 6" height by 12" long. May run one 4" spoiler inside car. Wings, rubbers, air scoops or anything that alters the stock appearance of the car will not be allowed. Hood and trunk straps permitted. (May run hole in hood for breather).

2. Chassis: Must have roll cage, and all safety equipment. Cage must secure to uni-body. All cars frame may be tied together under floor pan. Wheel base stock (2" tolerance). T&L type chassis must run 602 crate motor. **Johnson Racing X.Y.G. Metric Chassis Allowed. (This is the ONLY aftermarket chassis that is allowed.) Please visit
www.johnsonchassis.com **All tubular frames will be serial numbered. Any tubular frame without the SECA or Crate Racing serial numbers will be considered illegal. Any Johnson frame or repaired clip found to be altered could result in fines or suspensions. **Stock metric frames have to option to be repaired with SECA or Crate Racing USA tubular front and/or rear clip. Front and Rear clips will also have SECA or Crate Racing USA serial numbers. **Stock metric frames have the option to run the following Johnson Racing Parts:

Left Upper A Frame- JCI-09-02-003L
Right Upper A Frame- JCI-09-02-003R
Left Lower A Frame- JCI-09-02-01RC-L-SP
Right Lower A Frame- JCI-09-02-01RC-R-SP
Rear Upper Trailing Arm- JCI-09-03-04B
Rear Lower Trailing Arm- JCI-09-03-03B

3. Suspension: Must be stock. Screw jacks OK on rear only. Lowering blocks OK. Adjustable cups OK. May cut top A-frames to adjust camber & caster (top a-arm only may be tube non adjustable). Stock perches, must be in stock location. May enlarge hole for shock clearance. Spindle savers ok. Steel, nylon bushing or monoballs ok. Steel body non adjustable racing shocks OK, may relocate rear only. Front shocks must remain in stock location. Front shock mounts may be moved up (vertically) to prevent bottoming out with 3” max. from stock position. Heim joints OK on shocks only. May cut rear top control arm only to adjust pinion angle. NO coil over type adjustments. Heim joints allowed only where stated.

4. Rearend: May run 9" Ford. Floater legal. Disc brakes legal.

5. Brakes: Stock caliper for make and type of car disc OK (NO 4 piston calipers) any pedals; adjusters OK.

6. Wheels: Any steel 8" maximum. Large wheel studs okay. Bead locks OK, outward facing only.

7. Tires; Stock tires. Any Hoosier Med. Hard & RC4, American Racer 265 med. Or Goodyear G65. (8.5 inch maximum width)

8. Driveshaft: Any steel 1 1/2" or larger. Must be painted white, with car number. Must have safety loop.

9. Transmission: Must be stock with at least one forward & rear working gear . Bert/Brinn type tranny OK with reverse mount starter.

10. Flywheel: Stock flywheel (no less than 10 1/2", must weigh 14 lbs.) Clutch and pressure plate or triple disc clutch with flex plate is OK (no smaller than 5.5"). NO single disc.

11. Engine Location: # 1 sparkplug in line or in front of top ball joint. 0 tolerance.

12. Fuel: Must pass track test. Fuel tank must be mounted inside of trunk.

13. Weight: Weight MUST be posted on hood due to different head rules. 3200 lbs. after race. Dart Heads 3300 lbs. after race. Crate engine cars with 604- 2900 lbs. after race. T&L Type cars with 602- 2700 lbs. T&L type cars with 604-3000 lbs. NO 4-link cars.

14. Engine Specs: Must match make of car, Chevrolet for Chevrolet, Ford for Ford, etc. 365 Max cid. Or GM crate motor Part # 88958604 (350 factory stock circle track engine - 88958604)

Block: Cast iron OEM only (no Bowtie or SVO). May plug, or install vent pipes, or screens. May Plug deck & re-drill water holes. Maximum cylinder bore of .080"

Crank: Any steel stock appearing crank. No billet. 50 lb min weight. May balance (drill hole, weld, minor grinding) For balancing purposes the counterweights may be turned-must maintain 1.950 for steel / 1.750 for cast. No knife edging. No pendulum undercut. No polishing or lightning of counterweights or throws. Will be weighed with cam gear and pilot bushing.

Rods: Any steel rods. NO aluminum or titanium rods.

Piston: Any flat top Eyebrows legal.

Oil Pan: Any wet sump oil pan.

Heads: Stock cast iron OEM, NO Bowtie or angle plug heads, may run Double hump. Competition valve job permitted, any angle any depth, all angles must be concentric with valve guide, May have .750-hand blend from top of 45 degree 7/8 will be wrong. Screw in studs and guide plates OK! Roller Rockers are permitted. Also may run Dart #10024266 57cc. Or Dart Iron Eagle sportsman Head # 10110010F. 180* Intake Ports, 49 cc, 47 min. Only other modification-competition valve job. 202 intake 160 exhaust. May also run World Product Head # 011250-037. Any head other than OEM GM MUST add 100 lbs.

Valve: Any stock diameter, steel valve permitted. Valve may have under cut stem 2.02" (intake) and 1.6" (exhaust) valve sizes are allowed.

Valve Spring: Any steel. Single or double.

Retainers: Any steel or titanium valve spring retainers allowed.

Cam: Hydraulic or Mechanical .500" lift max. Hydraulic checked with zero lash and mechanical check with .025" lash. Any Hydraulic or solid flat tappet lifter. Stock diameter only! All cams MUST be OEM firing order.

Lifter: Stock diameter NO roller lifter.

Intake: OEM Bowtie cast iron intake, or any aluminum, as casted NO modifications.

Fuel Pump: Stock only.

Carburetor: 650 Holley (# 4777) OK (NO 4 corner idle screws) May run a 2" Spacer with no more than (2) .070" thick gaskets. May drill holes in butterflies. Must pass track gauges.

Ignition: Stock, may have chip. Billet distributor OK. Any wires. MSD box allowed or same as.

Header: Headers OK. Exhaust EVAC system OK.


1. Claimer rule on crate motor only 604 $5200 & 602 $3550 track will keep $50.

2. Engine will be received with accessories as supplied from GM.

3. Only highest finishing crate engine may be claimed.

4. Only driver on the same lap can claim.

5. If more than one person claims, the driver finishing the farthest back gets 1st choice.

PROTEST: (Two things only) $300 with track retaining $100.

1. Bottom End protest: $600 with track retaining $100.

2. 602/604 Top end protest: $500 - Consists of head, intake, carburetor, spacer, check for factory pistons (visual from top only) & distributor. Track will retain $100.

3. UNDERHOOD VISUAL PROTEST: $50 Straight fee to look for carb # (After Heats Only!).

4. Tire Chemical Protest: $100.00 per tire to protest. $100 per tire acceptance fee. 3 grooved strips removed from tire & sent for lab testing.

5. Fuel Protest: $50.00




Stock unless otherwise stated.


Please see drawings at end of rule book: The objective of body rules are to keep the cars looking similar to each other and as close to stock while keeping them Race Cars.

1. Wheelbase- Stock wheel base for chassis being ran. Any chassis with a weelbase shorter that 108” will not be allowed. No Jeeps or Station wagons.

2. Rubber nose O.K. Nose must match tailpiece. (If you have a Camaro nose, you must run a Camaro tailpiece, Monte Carlo, Nova Charger, etc.) NO exotic or late model style noses or elephant ears allowed.

3. Must run FULL tailpiece rear of car. Tailpiece must match “model” of nose. Bumper cover cannot be made of sheet metal.

4. Must run complete, enclosed cockpit. Must have steel floor pan under driver. Front firewall location may be moved for engine clearance. Firewall may be replaced-aluminum or steel material only. Top & Quarters must be stock looking. Deck height not to exceed 1” higher than stock. Doors & fenders may be aluminum. Cars must remain stock appearing.

5. Spoiler-maximum height 6". May run side spoilers. 6" high x 12" long. May have one 4’" spoiler inside car.

5. Weight- 3200 lbs.-after race with driver.

6. No exposed bars.

7. Body must sit on frame in OEM position.

8. Aftermarket dirt bodies allowed. Must be approved by track.

9. All bodies should carry original body lines.

10. AR Bodies OK.


1. Front suspension components must remain stock or stock type for type of chassis running unless otherwise stated. This includes draglinks, tie rods, spindles, etc. FRONT SUSPENSION!

2. Steering- stock type-Quickeners OK.

3. Front spring spacers O.K. NO front screw jacks allowed. OEM rear trailing arms only. Rear spring- jack bolts OK. Rear spring buckets OK. (Rear jack bolt buckets can be NO taller that 6”.)

4. Springs may be changed. Must remain in stock location. (Racing springs OK) NO stack springs.

5. A-Frames, Upper may be tubular steel or modified O.E.M. Lower control arm must be O.E.M for frame used, must remain unaltered in stock position. Stock type replacement ball joints only. (NO screw in ball joints allowed). No mono-balls allowed. May run rubber bushings only.

6. Shocks- Front Bilstien #AK1043 only. (Front shock can be raised 3” only. May lower 2” only. Must use lower stock mounting points.) Rear Bilstien #SSR1 only.

7. Engine Location: # 1 sparkplug even with center top ball joint.

8. Framework may be reinforced. Uni-body cars (frames) must have stock floor pan and must be in stock location.

9. Remote power steering reservoirs are legal.

**Johnson Racing X.Y.G. Metric Chassis Allowed. (This is the ONLY aftermarket chassis that is allowed.) Please visit www.johnsonchassis.com

**All tubular frames will be serial numbered. Any tubular frame without the SECA or Crate Racing serial numbers will be considered illegal. Any Johnson frame or repaired clip found to be altered could result in fines or suspensions.

**Stock metric frames have to option to be repaired with SECA or Crate Racing USA tubular front and/or rear clip. Front and Rear clips will also have SECA or Crate Racing USA serial numbers.

**Stock metric frames have the option to run the following Johnson Racing Parts:

Left Upper A Frame- JCI-09-02-003L
Right Upper A Frame- JCI-09-02-003R
Left Lower A Frame- JCI-09-02-01RC-L-SP
Right Lower A Frame- JCI-09-02-01RC-R-SP
Rear Upper Trailing Arm- JCI-09-03-04B
Rear Lower Trailing Arm- JCI-09-03-03B


1. Engine must be same make as car. Engine must be STRICTLY STOCK. NO factory high performance allowed.

2. Cubic inch- Chevy- 350 C.I.- Ford - 351 C.I.-Chrysler - 360 C.I.

3. Block-stock cast iron OEM, may overbore .060 MAXIMUM- NO TOLERANCE! May deck block to .000 deck only NO TOLERANCE

4. Crankshaft- Factory stock for engine running or Scat part # 4-350-3480 or Eagle part # ESP103503480 & ESP103523480 only. NO CUTTING ALLOWED.

5. Rods-factory stock for engine running OK. NO WORK ALLOWED OF ANY KIND. May run any rod bolt. May run Eagle rod part #ESP5700BPLW or Scat part # SCA-25700P. Floating pin OK.

6. Pistons- May use any flat top or dish stock replacement piston, forged or Hypereutectic. Flat top piston must have 4 valve reliefs (factory). NO custom machining allowed, must use standard (wide) ring package 5/64th", 5/64th", 3/16th". Coating on skirts OK.

7. Intake-factory stock, cast iron, low rise only. Valley pan OK. NO AFTER MARKET INTAKES ALLOWED

8. Heads- factory stock, cast iron OEM straight plug only, screw in studs allowed, must be 3/8" STD. NO high performance or double hump allowed. NO BLEND WORK ALLOWED. No less than 70 CC. Competition Valve job OK, may not bore below guide boss. May run roller rockers 1.5 ratio for Chevy, 3/8 stud, no stud girdles allowed. Buy rule $225. For other engine manufacturers, stock rocker ratio. Any steel valve spring. Any steel retainer. POLYLOCKS O.K. GUIDE PLATES O.K. Stock diameter stainless steel valves OK.

9. Camshaft- MUST BE Flat Tappet HYDRAULIC LIFTERS ONLY. Any timing chain. May degree camshaft. Cam must be OEM .425 maximum lift for Chevrolet; others will be .450 maximum lift.

10. Oil pan- Any wet sump.

11. Balancers-factory stock. NO AFTER MARKET.

12. Aftermarket pulley system & belts OK.

13. Any plugs & plug wires OK.

14. NO electric radiator cooling fans

15. NO electric water pumps.


1. Any standard 4 into 1 collector header. Any length pipe, must stay same diameter. No coatings allowed. No tri-y’s- No "X" or merge type pipes allowed.

2. Exhaust EVAC system OK.


1. Fuel-Track fuel ONLY. Must pass track test.

2. Carburetor- OEM Stock single line 2 barrel or 4 barrel for make. Must use stock or stock replacement gasket. May drill holes in butterflies. No spacer allowed. NO HIGH PERFORMANCE. Or may run box stock Holley 650 #4777. No 4 corner idle screws. May run 1” adapter for Holley carb. to stock manifold with no more than (2) .070” thick gaskets. May remove choke flap. May drill holes in butterflies. Must pass track gauges. May run maximum 2” air cleaner riser.

3. Fuel pump- stock OEM only.

4. Fuel cell MANDATORY (mounted in metal can)

5. NO cold air boxes, may cut hole in hood for air cleaner with 4 1/2” max. tall scoop or air deflector. Scoop may be no more than 4" wider than air cleaner.


1. Stock appearing distributor with stock appearing module. May lock advance and/or change springs.

2. May run brass distributor gear.


1. Clutch- Factory stock OEM style clutch. NO HIGH PERFORMANCE.

2. Pressure plate- Factory stock OEM style. NO HIGH PERFORMANCE

3. Flywheel- Factory stock. May resurface, NO lightening. 14 lbs. min. weight. Z-28 O.K.

4. Release Bearing- Hydraulic bearings OK. May run hydraulic slave cylinder.

4. Scatter shield or 3/16" plate around flywheel area- MANDATORY.

5. Transmission- Factory automatic or straight drive. Must have all working gears.

6. Drive shaft- Factory steel only. 1 1/2" minimum diameter.

7. Rearend: Stock factory or 9" Ford. Any ratio O.K. Posi-traction or locked OK. Floater OK. 9" Ford mounting points must be stock type with NO adjustability. 4 1/2" max- 3 1/2" min from center of axle tube to center of trailing arm bolt. (Any Additional Holes MUST Be Removed) Gun drilled axles OK. NO titanium.

8. Rear Trailing Arms:

Lower: OEM rear trailing arms only, must remain stock.
Upper: May change length or relocate bolt holes for pinion angle.
Left & Right Lower trailing arms must be same length.
Left & Right Upper trailing arms must be same length.


1. Stock type 4 wheel disk O.K., NO AFTER MARKET, NO ALUMINUM. Must have operational 4 wheel braking system.

2. Racing pedals O.K. Brake adjusters inside of car O.K.


1. 60 or 70 series street tire. Hoosier M500, H500 or AR 265 med racing tires allowed. NO grooving or sipping.

2. 8” max width steel wheel.

2. Large wheel studs and lugs nuts OK

3. Beadlocks OK- Outward facing only.

NOTICE: Effective May 1, 2016- Hoosier M500 all the way around. H500 is an optional tire.

Protest: (Two things only) $300.00 with track retaining $100.00

Bottom end only protest: $600.

Option 1: Weigh crank/check journals, visual rod and piston from the bottom. Crank will be weighed with gear and pilot.

Option 2: Remove rod and piston from engine and visual crank/check journals in place.

Under hood visual protest: $50.00 straight fee to look at carb and exhaust. (After heats only)

Tire Chemical Protest: $100.00 per tire to protest. $100 per tire acceptance fee. 3 grooved strips removed from tire & sent for lab testing.

Fuel Protest- $50.00

Shock buy rule: Front $80 each. Rear $125 each.



Stock 4

Stock unless otherwise stated.

We will follow MMSA 2016 rules.


1. Any 2 or 4 door foreign or domestic car with 94
" to 101.5" wheelbase. Wheelbase must match make and model of car. Stock auto only.

2. May have complete aluminum body but must retain stock shape and appearance.

3. Inner panels may be removed.

4. No FWD or MID engine cars.

5. Must have floor pan on both sides to rear of front seats.

6. Must have rear firewall or driver compartment must be boxed in

7. After market nose piece ok. MD3 nose ok. Molded fenders must mount flush on top and sides of metal fenders and no wider than 1 inch outside the tires.

8. May run a 6 inch rear spoiler - can
't go over side of quarter panel - no longer than width of car . Spill plates ok. Spill plates measurements bottom 16" rear 8" high 4" across the top rear and 4" high in the front.

9. Interior spoiler no more than 4
" and no higher than dash.

10. Rear bumpers must NOT extend past the inside of the rear tires unless it has a bumper cover or turns forward (if turned forward must be on a 90* angle NO SHARP CORNERS/EDGES).

11. 68
" max width at any point.

12. 38
" max ground to deck at bottom of spoiler.

13. Aluminum OK to close rear of car MUST come down to frame rails (No holes or flaps)

14. May use lexan in rear windows.

15. Must run hood.

16. Breather may stick thru hood.

17. Cold airbox OK but air holes in hood only not in firewall.

18. May have hole in firewall big enough for header to pass thru (Tech discretion if hole is too big)

19. May replace top 1/4 of firewall with steel or aluminum metal (this doesn’t mean the whole fire wall) no lower than the original master cylinder hole in firewall. NO holes above or below the deck.
**Acceptable body infractions will result in up to a 50lb penalty in the area of the infraction** **All body infractions are not acceptable-Tech Mans Discretion**


1. Must have roll cage and all safety equipment.

2. Roll cage must be secured to unibody.

3. May tie chassis together by splitting floor pan and put square tubing in from the top and may stick thru the floor pan BUT NOT totally underneath.

4. Square/ roll cage tubing from strut forward is acceptable.

5. May use square tubing or roll cage material from back of shock mounts to rear of car- must be straight- no angling of material.

6. All A-frame and trailing arms must be stock and mounted in STOCK location. (May cut lower A-frame for caster/camber adjustments).

7. May cut Top trailing arm/s or re-drill for pinion angle only.

8. Lowering blocks OK.

9. Caster/Camber plates OK.

10. Adjustable buckets or Jacking bolts OK. (Buckets or Jack bolts may be raise for spring travel).

11. May cut pan hard bar- must be NON ADJUSTABLE.

12. Mono Balls allowed.

13. STOCK MOUNTED body shocks may have heims (bottom only) May be adjustable. NO CANISTER STYLE SHOCKS ALLOWED.

14. May adjust shocks for travel but cannot change the angle of the shock. (Not mounted to roll cage).

15. Offset in steering rack OK.

16. Bump steer not allowed.

17. **$150 buy rule per shock**

18. **$300 buy rule per strut**


1. 4 wheel Disc brakes permitted must have OEM components.

2. Dual master Cylinder permitted.

3. 3 wheel brake shut off permitted.

4. NO adjuster or cut-off within reach of driver.

5. Stock rotors and drums. NO lightning but may remove caliper and rotor on RF ONLY. (Ford on Ford, Toyota on Toyota)


1. 8
" max width. Beadlocks OK; Outward facing Only

2. HOOSIER 400s (No grooving or siping)

3. NO Chemicals Allowed- see protest.

4. Needling allowed.


1. Any stock up to 8.8 for make of car

2. No gun drilled axles (May weigh axles to compare if necessary).

3. No full spools.

4. Mini spool OK.

5. Housing cannot be modified for gear clearance

6. May lock rearend by weld, mini spool, limited slip (Limited slip unit must be stock- NO aftermarket units).

7. Cut gears add 25lbs.

8. If gears are polished, must add 20 lbs. (If cut and polished, add both penalties).



1. Stock engine location - no set backs

2. No engines with more than 2 valves per cylinder

3. Ford in a Ford, Toyota in a Toyota

4. No rotary or turbo or double OHC permitted.

5. OEM blocks only .080 over max bore + .010 for wear - not to exceed 2500 cc + .080 over bore.

6. Ford may sleeve a 2300 cc block to a 2000cc.

7. Aluminum cam gear or pulley allowed.

8. Any steel connecting rod - no aluminum or titanium.

9. NO titanium wrist pins.

10. Only Babbitt style bearings allowed (NO roller bearings) Coated OK.

11. Stock crank with stock stroke + .010 tolerance.

12. NO AFTERMARKET CRANKS (Stock lightened crank must add 50 lbs in front of fire wall)

13. All engines must use an in-block wet sump oil system.

14. Racing oil pans permitted.

15. NO dry sumps allowed.

16. Any flat top piston - Toyota 1600 and 1800 may run dome of .235 tall only. (.267 dome must add 50 lbs.

17. Formula for cc - bore x bore x .7854 x stroke x 4 = cid then divide cid into .061 tolerance .010 for wear.

18. May run EVAC to header only. NO VACCUM PUMPS.

19. May run electric water pump.

20. May run electric fuel pump.

21. Ignition- Stock or Mel’s Ignition ONLY. (No Boosters on ignition) (NO traction control allowed).

22. Radiator must be mounted in front of engine.



2. OEM may be changed from one size engine to another without modification.

3. May have competition valve job with any angle or depth. Must not touch bottom of valve boss.

4. All angles MUST be concentric with valve guide.

5. Any steel valve stock diameter may be undercut stem +.009 tolerance

6. Valve stem must be stock diameter for year model of head. (No 7mm valve stem in a Ford).

7. Double valve springs OK-must be steel.

8. Beehive valve springs OK- must be steel.

9. Any steel retainer

10. Lifter has to be stock diameter - solid OK



1. OEM only.

2. No fuel injection manifolds. May modify for carburetor but must be approved before race. May bore straight down for clearance - NO RADIUS or BLENDING .


1. Stock carburetor or Holley 350 CFM (#7448 or 0-80787-1) or 500 cfm #4412- Must pass no go gauges.

2. Must have airhorn with number.

3. Float bowl must face forward.

4. May cut end of screws and have holes in butterflies.

5. No thinning of shafts

6. No polishing or grinding

7. Spacer and adapter - any 1" max thick together - NO TOLERANCE

8. 2 gaskets
at .070 thick max each


1. Solid or hydraulic NO ROLLERS

2. Maximum .425 lift at valve with .025 lash at valve for solid

3. Hydraulic ANY LIFT.

4. No swapping of any lobes - must be in stock order

5. No roller or needle bearings stock type only -coated OK


1. Stock flywheel must weigh 16 lbs.

2. Must have stock or stock replacement clutch and pressure plate.


4. Only grinding, adding weight or drilled holes to pressure plate for balancing. Drilled hole size is 7/16 diameter max (NOT all the way around pressure plate) If there are holes all around the pressure plate, it WILL be considered lightened.

5. Stud for pressure plate OK. Must be a purchased stud, no custom, machined studs allowed.

6. Cannot relocate pressure plate bolt hole pattern

7. Scalloped flywheels add 50lbs


1. MUST BE STOCK with working forward and reverse gears.

2. Cannot remove or lighten of gears


1. Minimum of 1 1/2" diameter.

2. Must be steel.

3. Must have safety loop.

4. Must be painted white with number on it


1. Spec Schoenfeld Fords #‎f-234v or #f-235v .

2. Toyotas #‎t168 Or stock manifold.


1. Toyota 2tc and 3tc must weigh 2000 lbs. minimum

2. Ford 2.0 must weigh 2150 lbs. minimum

3. Any other than listed must weigh 1 lb. per cc.

4. HANS/ Full containment seat -25 lbs. (one or the other, not for both)

5. Scalloped flywheel +50 lbs.

6. .267 Dome Toyota Only +50 lbs.

7. Cut / Lightened Ring Gear +25 lbs.

8. Polished Ring Gear +20 lbs.

9. Lightened crankshaft +50 lbs. ( In front of firewall)

**All weight breaks or penalties must be claimed on hood/fender at all times and Tech Man notified**

PROTEST: (Two things only) $300.00 with track retaining $100.00

Bottom end only protest: $400.00 with track retaining $100.00

Under hood visual protest: $50.00 straight fee to look at carb and stock exhaust manifold. (After heats only)

Tire Chemical Protest: $100.00 per tire to protest. $100 per tire acceptance fee. 3 grooved strips removed from tire & sent for lab testing.

Fuel Protest- $50.00



Extreme 4 (Front Wheel Drive)

Stock unless otherwise stated.

1. 1980 or newer front wheel drive, 4 Cylinder passenger cars only. No all wheel drive or all wheel steering allowed. No station wagons, vans or pick-up trucks.

2. Body must maintain original dimensions, standard as from the manufacturer.

3. Floor pan, trunk pan, front and rear inner wheel wells must remain stock and in stock location.

4. Interior trim must be removed. (carpet, headliner, side panels, etc)

5. Hood must be held shut with at least 2 hood pins.

6. Must add at least 3 crash bars in front of driver.

7. Fabricated dash board OK.

8. Must add 20 gauge sheet metal cover rear of seat ( where back seat was located)

9. Doors must remain in stock location.

10. Doors must be welded shut in an approved manner.

11. Doors may only have metal removed to allow for clearance around the roll cage door bars. NO OTHER REMOVING OF METAL PERMITTED!!!!

12. Fenders and quarter panels MAY NOT be trimmed for tire clearance.

13. The inner fenders/wheel wells must remain stock and un-altered.

14. Must have at least one hoop bar with 3 door bars on drivers door.

15. Aftermarket wing/spoiler OK on rear of car.

16. 1 1/4" bar to the radiator allowed for safety issue only. Radiator must remain in stock location.


1. Engine must remain in stock location.

2. Stock 4 cylinder engine only. (2.2 max) Engine must remain stock as delivered by the factory.

3. NO Cosworth or rotary engines allowed, No quad-four engines allowed. NO turbo-charged or supercharged engines allowed.

4. All engines must be used in the model of car for which they were manufactured.

5. NO factory or after-market high performance components will be allowed in the engine or drive train.

6. Stock carburetor or fuel injection system for the make and model of car being competed.

7. Stock production air filter element required. NO high performance will be allowed. (K&N ok) NO cold air system allowed. Cone type must be bolted to intake.

8. Only water allowed in radiator and cooling system. NO anti-freeze allowed.

9. May remove exhaust pipe and mufflers.

10. Weight-2100 lbs.


1. Only stock suspension parts allowed. NO cutting or lightening of suspension parts allowed. Springs MAY NOT be heated or shortened to lower car.

2. NO adjustable strut bushing or altering of stock location on shocks and struts.


1. All wheels on car must be the same size and offset. 7" racing wheel OK.

2. Tires must have DOT stamp for highway use. No performance, trick, gumball, fancy or exotic tires of any kind allowed. No less than 300 tread wear rating allowed.

3. Cherokee Speedway reserves the right to disallow any tire from use in competition in the Extreme 4 class.


1. Passenger seat and rear seat must be removed.

2. Aluminum racing seat recommended but may run stock seat. MUST run 5 point racing seat belts no matter which seat is chosen.


Visual Protest $25 and must be filed 30 minutes before Main event.

After 1 win, driver must start his/her next race from the rear. ONLY exception is 4 Cyl. Natl’s.

Buy rule: $1500.000 -selling driver may keep seat, belts, steering wheel & fuel cell. Top 4 cars only eligible for buy rule. Must finish directly behind in finishing order to be able to take advantage of buy rule. Only drivers on same lap can claim. If more than one person claims, the driver finishing the farthest back gets 1st choice. (Top 5 finishing positions only) Each driver may only buy 3 cars per season. NO exceptions! Refusal of buy will result in loss of points & winnings for that race event.

Protest: (Bore and Stroke, Head & Intake) $300.00 with track retaining $100.00

Swap rule: ONLY driver being bought will have the option to swap with driver who is buying. The driver being bought will keep $200 of the $1500 and buying driver will receive $1300 back. If either refuses buy or swap, points & winnings are forfeited for that race event.

Computer Buy Rule: $150- 1st-5th place finishers. Driver finishing farthest back gets first choice.

*Track has right to buy computer at any time.*

*After 3 feature wins in a row, track WILL buy computer.*



Young Guns

This is a class designed for 10 to 17 year olds (The day driver turns 18, must move up) and any women up to 65. The track reserves the right to promote any driver up at any time without prior notice. Cars will be on transponders. Any car consistently ½ second faster than the field will be moved up to Stock 4 the following race.

Any driver competing in a higher division at another track that does not offer Young Guns, will be promoted up to Stock 4 or higher division if consistently finishing in Top 5 at other track. If an entry fee /membership fee is paid to compete in an association or series event in a higher division, driver will be promoted to Stock 4 or higher division immediately.

Please refer to Stock 4 RWD rules. Only exceptions to rules are tires and must have 4 wheel working brakes. Young Guns will run 60 or 70 series across the counter street tire. No racing recaps of any style.



Thunder Bomber


Stock Unless Otherwise Stated

GENERAL: Tech man has right to check this every week

1. NO nitrous or traction control

2. After 3 times of refusing to tear down - you will be disqualified from competing in this division the remainder of the year.

3. A driver cannot compete in this division and a different division on the same night

4. If a driver races a different division and finishes in Top 3, then driver is ineligible in Thunder Bomber for remainder of season. (Current year season & Cherokee Speedway only- Young Guns excluded)

5. Cars must be neat in appearance

6. Cars must weigh 3300 pounds with driver after race

7. 8" wheels max .25" tolerance - 14 or 15" - MUST be same size all the way around

8. NO dot racing tires

9. Any 70, 75, or 78 series street legal DOT tires series radials - no directional or competition tires

10. 8" towel city racing recap OK

11. May run bead locks- outward facing only

12. May run offset rims and wheel spacers

13. Stock brakes and master cylinders

14. OEM brake calipers ONLY - NO aluminum

15. Dual master cylinder OK- Adjusters OK

16. Headers are legal but must exit parallel to ground

17. Aluminum radiator with made brackets OK

18. Fuel cell must be mounted inside of trunk with firewall between driver and fuel cell

19. Seat must be securely fastened to frame and or roll cage

20. Cars must have number on sides and top and able to be read by score tower

21. Stock unless other wise stated

BODY: Renegade Rules - Visual protest only

1. Stock unless otherwise stated

2. 1968 or newer American made car

3. No station wagons, trucks, jeeps, convertibles, mustangs, or pony cars

4. Rear of car must be closed - NO holes or flaps

5. Must have a deck lid

6. May make front fenders and rear fenders

7. Cannot exceed 48" from ground to the top of the rear spoiler

8. May run any replacement roof - must be 48" X 50" - Don't do anything crazy!!

9. Aluminum door and fenders OK

10. 13" minimum door and rear glass opening

11. Interior can be boxed in

12. Front and rear bumpers - rubber nose OK - stock appearing - NO cowl scoop

13. Hood scoop must be no higher than 2" and be completely boxed in

14. Front inside wheel wells can be cut or removed for clearance but NOT excessive

15. All firewall holes MUST be covered

16. MUST have stock firewall in original location

17. May replace dash with sheet metal - interior metal cannot be higher than dash

18. Gutting hood and trunk OK

19. Bumper cannot exceed past the inside of the rear tire or must run a bumper cover

20. May use lexan in rear side windows

WHEEL BASE / FRAME : Renegade rules

1. Frame MUST match make and model of car - 1" tolerance +/- allowed

2. NO shortening of frame - MUST be stock - NO x-ing or cutting of frame

3. Length between spring eyes must be stock

4. Wheel base for make and model

5. Engine must be in stock location

6. Radiator must be in stock location

ENGINE - BOTTOM END: Pure Stock Rules

1. Engine must be in original location but may run aftermarket mounts

2. May run racing pulleys - NO serpentine pulleys

3. Aluminum water pump allowed

4. No serpentine pulleys - V belt racing pulleys OK

5. After market fuel pump OK

6. After market power steering OK

7. 2 piece timing covers OK


1. Any open chamber head ok but must meet the following criteria

2. May run aftermarket valve cover

3. Heads cannot be less than 72 cc

4. NO angle milling

5. Stock size of valve for make and model

6. Valve springs can be z28 springs

7. Shims can be used under valve springs with a limit of .60 per string

8. May use off set locks but not with shims

9. Rocker arms must be stock

10. NO porting or polishing

11. Steel valves only

12. Stock stem diameter


1. Stock cast iron

2. NO Holley pattern factory intakes

3. Aluminum intakes on factory original cars must remain unpainted

CARBURETOR : Pure Stock Rules

1. Stock 2 or 4 barrel ONLY

2. No modifications except choke flap removal

3. No removal of choke horn

4. 600 Holley part # 1850 OK - must be box stock with mr gasket adaptor part #1932.

5. May use (2) .070 gaskets max

CAM: Pure Stock Rules

1. 390 410 lift - center line 112 w/ 2 degrees variance

2. Must be stock lift for model with at least 18" vacuum at 1000 rpm

3. Cam will be checked for duration of stock model w/ 2 degrees variance

4. Hydraulic cam and lifters ONLY


1. Stock steel flywheel - 14 lbs. minimum

2. Stock type clutch and pressure plate - minimum 10.5"

3. May use hydraulic clutch

TRANSMISSION: Renegade Rules

1. Must be stock with all working forward and reverse gears

2. Automatic transmission torque converter stock type and 11" minimum

3. May run transmission cooler

4. Aftermarket throw out bearing OK

5. Automatic transmissions OK

6. NO lightening of gears

7. 3 speed straight drive cast iron transmission with all working gears

8. Straight drive transmission cars must have blow proof bell housing or scatter shield of 1/8” steel

9. May use hydraulic clutch

DRIVE SHAFT: Renegade Rules

1. Has to be stock for model of car or may run 2" driveshaft

2. NO carbon fiber

3. A "U" or square type safety loop on front of drive shaft assembly is required

IGNITION: Pure Stock Rules

1. Stock type ignition

2. Stock type distributor ONLY

3. NO altering firing order

4. NO MSD’s with boxes

REAR END: Renegade Rules

1. GM 10 or 12 bolt rear-end

2. 9" ford or floater OK

3. Shocks have to be in stock location - may move for travel only - no angle change

4. May run aftermarket axles

5. Any gear ratio allowed

6. Locked or limited slip rear ends allowed

7. Full spools OK

8. NO gun drilled axles

9. NO gun drilled rotors or scalloped rotors

10. NO lightening of any parts

11. All components must be made of steel

12. Disc brakes OK - doesn't have to match model of car

13. Can cut top of trailing arms for pinion angle

SUSPENSION: Renegade Rules

1. Suspension must be stock

2. May run racing springs with adjustable buckets

3. Top a-frame can be cut or move top mounting perch

4. NO adjustable blocks - 4" of lowering blocks max

5. Tube type a-arm on top only ok - non adjustable - screw in ball joints on top OK

6. Can use heavy duty OEM steering and suspension parts

7. Leaf or coil springs can be changed to stronger leaf or coil of the same type

8. Cutting of coil spring allowed - rear shims on coils OK

9. Adjustable or non adjustable spring buckets OK

10. Shocks must be in stock location in front

11. Adjustable buckets in rear OK

12. All hook up points on chassis must be in stock location

13. Rear shock location must be stock on top and can be moved on bottom for travel length only

14. Cannot change angle of rear shock

15. Top trailing arm may be cut for pinion angle only

16. Leaf spring cars may adjust perches for pinion angle

17. May adjust rear shackles

18. After market bushing in a-frames and trailing arms ok but may not swivel

19. NO heim joints on any shocks

20. May run any stock body racing shock


1. Protest bottom end - $500

2. Protest any 3 items - $300

3. Acceptance fee - $100

4. Track keeps $100

5. Tech man has final say



Crate Sportsman / Limited Sportsman / Renegade Body Rules