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Cherokee Speedway Hall Of Fame

Dedicated and in memory of Edgar (ROCK) Gault.
Founder of Cherokee Speedway J.A Mobley.

Class Of 2012
Johnny Hightower
Billy Bishop
Glenn Sparks
John Pursley

Class Of 2011
Raymond Payne
Freddy Crawford
Cotton Owens
David & Debra Perry
Wally Fowler

Class Of 2010
Mike Butler
Paul Gose
Jack Pennington,
Barry Wright
Ricky Weeks

Class Of 2009
Roger Hamrick
Petey Ivey
Otis Spencer
Charlie Blanton
Jack Starette

Class Of 2008
CL Pritchett
Buck Simmons
Wayne Allen

Class Of 2007
JA Mobley
Rock Gault
Billy Scott,
Freddy Smith
Stick Elliot
Mike Duvall
Al Tessner