Limited Sportsman


* Super Street cars allowed. May run Cherokee tire rule.

* Stock unless otherwise stated.

* Must add 50 pounds if perches are moved.

* Johnson Chassis must add 50 pounds.

* Carolina Speedway cars may weigh 3000 pounds.

1. Body: Please see drawings at end of rule book: The objective of body rules are to keep the cars looking similar to each other and as close to stock while keeping them Race Cars. Any full size American car or truck, 102" wheelbase minimum. Top & Quarters must be stock looking. Deck height not to exceed 1" higher than stock. Doors & fenders may be aluminum. Must have steel floor pan under driver. Must run complete, enclosed cockpit. Front firewall location may be moved for engine clearance. Firewall may be replaced-aluminum or steel material only. Rear of car must be closed, no holes or flaps. Must run rear rubber bumper cover. Can cut for tire clearance & can remove inside wheel wells. Push bars must be behind grill. Any nose OK. NO flared fenders. AR Dirt Bodies approved. Solid mounts OK. Cars must remain stock appearing. All nose & tail pieces cannot be altered from stock. May have max. 6" rear spoiler ( 8" for 602- spec. side fins.) May run side spoilers 6" height by 12" long. May run one 4" spoiler inside car. Wings, rubbers, air scoops or anything that alters the stock appearance of the car will not be allowed. Hood and trunk straps permitted. (May run hole in hood for breather).

2. Chassis: Must have roll cage, and all safety equipment. Cage must secure to uni-body. All cars frame may be tied together under floor pan. Wheel base stock (2" tolerance). 7.5" MIN Chassis Height. T&L type chassis must run 602 crate motor.

* Johnson Racing X.Y.G. Metric Chassis Allowed. ADD 50 LBS. (This is the ONLY aftermarket chassis that is allowed.) Please visit

* All tubular frames will be serial numbered. Any tubular frame without the SECA or Crate Racing serial numbers will be considered illegal. Any Johnson frame or repaired clip found to be altered could result in fines or suspensions.

* Stock metric frames have to option to be repaired with SECA or Crate Racing USA tubular front and/or rear clip. Front and Rear clips will also have SECA or Crate Racing USA serial numbers.

* Stock metric frames have the option to run the following Johnson Racing Parts:

Left Upper A Frame - JCI-09-02-003R
Right Upper A Frame - JCI-09-02-003L
Left Lower A Frame - JCI-09-02-01RC-L-SP
Right Lower A Frame - JCI-09-02-01RC-R-SP
Rear Upper Trailing Arm - JCI-09-03-04B
Rear Lower Trailing Arm - JCI-09-03-03B


* No notching of frame for tie rod clearance. Johnson Chassis' that have been notched must cover the notched area on sides and bottom of frame with .125 steel.

3. Suspension: Must be stock. Screw jacks OK on rear only. Lowering blocks OK. Adjustable cups OK. May cut top A-frames to adjust camber & caster (top a-arm only may be tube non adjustable). Stock perches, must be in stock location. May enlarge hole for shock clearance. Spindle savers OK. Steel, nylon bushing or monoballs OK. Steel body non adjustable racing shocks OK, may relocate rear only. Front shocks must remain in stock location. Front shock mounts may be moved up (vertically) to prevent bottoming out with 3" max. from stock position. Heim joints OK on shocks only. May cut rear top control arm only to adjust pinion angle. NO coil over type adjustments. Heim joints allowed only where stated.

4. Rearend: May run 9" Ford. Floater legal. Disc brakes legal.

5. Brakes: Stock caliper for make and type of car disc OK. (NO 4 piston calipers) Any pedals; Adjusters OK.

6. Wheels: Any steel 8" maximum. Large wheel studs okay. Bead locks OK, outward facing only.

7. Tires; Stock tires. Any Hoosier Med. Hard & RC4, American Racer 265 med. Or Goodyear G65. (8.5 inch maximum width)

8. Driveshaft: Any steel 1 1/2" or larger. Must be painted white, with car number. Must have safety loop.

9. Transmission: Must be stock with at least one forward & rear working gear. Bert/Brinn type tranny OK with reverse mount starter.

10. Flywheel: Stock flywheel (No less than 10 1/2", must weigh 14 lbs.) Clutch and pressure plate or triple disc clutch with flex plate is OK (No smaller than 5.5"). NO single disc.

11. Engine Location: # 1 spark plug in line or in front of top ball joint. 0 tolerance.

12. Fuel: Must pass track test. Fuel tank must be mounted inside of trunk.

13. Weight: Weight MUST be posted on hood due to different head rules. 3200 lbs. after race. Dart Heads 3300 lbs. after race. Crate engine cars with 604- 2900 lbs. after race. T&L Type cars with 602- 2700 lbs. T&L type cars with 604-3000 lbs. NO 4-link cars.

14. Engine Specs: Must match make of car, Chevrolet for Chevrolet, Ford for Ford, etc. 365 Max cid. Or GM crate motor Part # 88958604 (350 factory stock circle track engine - 88958604)

Block: Cast iron OEM only (no Bowtie or SVO). May plug, or install vent pipes, or screens. May Plug deck & re-drill water holes. Maximum cylinder bore of .080"

Crank: Any steel stock appearing crank. NO billet. 50 lb min weight. May balance (Drill hole, weld, minor grinding) For balancing purposes the counterweights may be turned- must maintain 1.950 for steel /1.750 for cast. NO knife edging. NO pendulum undercut. NO polishing or lightening of counterweights or throws. Will be weighed with cam gear & pilot bushing.

Rods: Any steel rods. NO aluminum or titanium rods.

Piston: Any flat top Eyebrows legal.

Oil Pan: Any wet sump oil pan.

Heads: Stock cast iron OEM, NO Bowtie or angle plug heads, may run Double hump. Competition valve job permitted, any angle any depth, all angles must be concentric with valve guide, May have .750-hand blend from top of 45 degree 7/8 will be wrong. Screw in studs and guide plates OK! Roller Rockers are permitted. Also may run Dart #10024266 57cc. Or Dart Iron Eagle sportsman Head # 10110010F. 180* Intake Ports, 49 cc, 47 min. Only other modification-competition valve job. 202 intake 160 exhaust. May also run World Product Head # 011250-037. Any head other than OEM GM MUST add 100 lbs.

Valve: Any stock diameter, steel valve permitted. Valve may have under cut stem 2.02" (intake) and 1.6" (exhaust) valve sizes are allowed.

Valve Spring: Any steel. Single or double.

Retainers: Any steel or titanium valve spring retainers allowed.

Cam: Hydraulic or Mechanical .500" lift max. Hydraulic checked with zero lash and mechanical check with .025" lash. Any Hydraulic or solid flat tappet lifter. Stock diameter only! All cams MUST be OEM firing order.

Lifter: Stock diameter NO roller lifter.

Intake: OEM Bowtie cast iron intake, or any aluminum, as casted NO modifications.

Fuel Pump: Stock only.

Carburetor: 650 Holley (# 4777) OK (NO 4 corner idle screws) May run a 2" Spacer with no more than (2) .070" thick gaskets. May drill holes in butterflies. Must pass track gauges.

Ignition: Stock, may have chip. Billet distributor OK. Any wires. MSD box allowed or same as.

Header: Headers OK. Exhaust EVAC system OK.

Engine Claim: Claimer rule on crate motor only 604 $5200 & 602 $3,550.00 track will keep $50.00. Engine will be received with accessories as supplied from GM. Only highest finishing crate engine may be claimed. Only driver on the same lap can claim. If more than one person claims, the driver finishing the farthest back gets 1st choice.

Protest: (Two things only) $300.00 with track retaining $100.00.

Bottom End Protest - $600.00 with track retaining $100.00.

602/604 Top End Protest - $500.00 - Consists of head, intake, carburetor, spacer, check for factory pistons (Visual from top only) & distributor. Track will retain $100.00.

Underhood Visual Protest - $50.00 Straight fee to look for carb # (After Heats Only!).

Tire Chemical Protest - $100.00 per tire to protest. $100 per tire acceptance fee. 3 grooved strips removed from tire & sent for lab testing.

Fuel Protest - $50.00